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LED Dance Floors

There are numerous options available for our dance floor. You can have two different types of floor or a combination for something really special:

1. White RGB Device Floor

Seven starlight colours, including a traditional white starlight.

2. Colour commander dance floor

A visual colour commander dance floor with an endless amount of options. See our gallery for examples of what the floor can do.

The colour commander dance floor is one of the most sought after led dance floors in the UK. Its a must for any wedding event or special occasion.
It’s fun and creates an amazing atmoshere. It will make your guests want to dance all night long. Some feature include:
• The LED lights built within are 4 times brighter than those of the ordinary leddancefloors.
• It has White twinkle LED lights, perfect for weddings.
• It also has scrolling text, photo’s & animation direct to the dancefloor.
• Have the floor move to the beat with built in light sound to make the floor come alive.

3. Both floors combined

We can combine the two floors to make a “super dance floor”. We can have the colour commander dance floor in the centre, surrounded by the white RBG dance floor. Perfect for weddings parties.

4. Hotel Ceremony Aisle

The white RGB floor is perfect to create the perfect atmosphere to walk down the aisle in a hotel ceremony. The colour commander dance floor can compliment the occasion by showing messages of “Just married” and the couples’ names as they leave the ceremony.

Please click on the images below to view a larger version.
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